Mom shares story in hopes it will help others get diagnosed early “before they end up in a wheelchair like she is now.” After two miscarriages, Mom gives birth to “miracle” baby, Paige, who was born with multiple serious health problems.

“At 5 weeks, Paige had surgery on her stomach, which didn’t open into her intestines, causing frequent vomiting.

At 9 months, she was sent to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis and doctors discovered that for some inexplicable reason she had membranes obstructing her ability to absorb food and fluids. She also was born with an enlarged muscle at the top of her heart, as well as a hole in her heart. Her leg bones also twist inward, causing many trips and falls for the toddler.

“Doctors couldn’t explain this stuff,” said Fadling.

Paige also was diagnosed with failure to thrive. She began suffering from uncontrollable muscle ticks and joint pain, just like her mother. The little girl’s joints would become so hot and painful that her parents would find her leaning up against the glass patio door to cool them down.

By last Thanksgiving, months after Fadling was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease, she realized her daughter was suffering from the disease, too. It was devastating.

“I fought really hard to get her here,” Fadling said, sobbing. “You fight to bring your child into this world and you think everything will be OK if I can just get her here. I was so naive. I had no idea. I would do anything for her.”

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